martedì 9 agosto 2011

Meeting with spanish Hysterical gyarusa members...

Hi everyone (^*^)
It's Yume chan writing... In this post I wanna talk about the meeting during my trip to Spain,with some members of the famous Hysterical gyarusa circle...

I have no words to describe how it was; it's been FANTASTIC, they are amazing and kind persons,and really really fashionable and into gyaru style so much...

We've been walking and shopping,drinking ( a lot lol) sangria and going to the clubs...

Me and my boyfriend had so much fun with them...

We couldn't meet with Naila,Kami,Honey,Maria and Hana,because they were away,but I hope to meet them in my next trip to Spain (^W^)

I could meet with Chechi,Miyu,Hiki,Aielet and Cris... They are AMAZING! Beautiful,smartly dressed and so funny (*O*) <3 <3 

Meeting  people who love gyaru style that much and who always try to improve themselves,made me want much more and more to become a better gyaru and made me want to spread this message all over the world and all over our italian gyarusa too.. Don't mind what other people say and just be YOURSELF..always and however,whenever you want...

I miss them already (T_T)..hope to meet again soon (^_^)

(^_^) love love

Yume chan

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  1. awesome day out!!all of you look gorgeous!!!

  2. Yume!!!! loooooooooooooooove <3 <3 <3

  3. Eravate tutti perfettiiii *w*